March 1st, 2017

Arnot-Roberts Syrah: The Sonoma Mindbender

As the Arnot-Roberts boys and I contemplate future custom collaborations for the 2016 vintage (currently in barrel), today’s Viticole release gives the country first crack at the highly allocated 2015 Clary Ranch Syrah. Our little world boils down to only a few cases available for purchase of what Duncan Meyers calls “perhaps our finest vintage ever.” We’ll get into that and a whole lot more. For now, enjoy what for Syrah in the New World is quite simply one of the highest-level expressions of the grape we’ve come to know…

Viticole Wine Club Members automatically receive an allocation of 2015 Arnot Roberts Sonoma Coast Syrah. The Sonoma Coast is an extremely serious entry-level bottling that I would put up against any Syrah in the under $40 category. While the ‘Clary Ranch’ Syrah is laying down, enjoy the Sonoma Coast Syrah now and through 2023+...

For today’s 2015 Arnot-Roberts ‘Clary Ranch’ Syrah (the estate’s flagship bottling), orders will be received on a first come/first serve basis. Limit 3 bottles. Accessible now but best between 2020-2033+…

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2015 Arnot Roberts Clary Ranch Syrah

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February 1st, 2017

Martin Muthenthaler: A Legend in the Making

THE BAD NEWS: For the first month ever, none of this month’s wine - Austrian white producer Martin Muthenthaler - is available for purchase (it has all been committed to the Viticole Wine Club).

THE GOOD NEWS: On Monday, February 6th, I am extending to the mailing list a special Viticole offer that is designed to complement March’s upcoming featured producer.

CALL TO ACTION: Set an email alert for this Monday, February 6th at noon PDT. That is when the special Viticole offer goes LIVE (to the mailing list only)… It’s going to be a serious one.

One of the goals of Viticole is to catch legends before they are made…which, in turn, may beg the question…What makes a legend? With music you can hear it. With art you can see it. And with wine…well…you know what to do. Enter Martin Muthenthaler – an Austrian mechanic turned winemaker - whose story and wines have until recently been confined to a few top restaurants in New York City. But the word is out and the legend is growing…

Viticole Wine Club members will automatically receive a 3-pack of:
2015 Martin Muthenthaler ‘Spitzer Graben’ Grüner Veltliner Wachau

A small amount of Riesling was also extended to the wine club and quickly SOLD OUT:
2015 Martin Muthenthaler ‘Bruck’ (Dry) Riesling Wachau $49

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January 1st, 2017

Pierre Gerbais Champagne: Raising the Côte des Bar

Ok, I get it. This is hardly January 1st. But who wants to see ‘Champagne of the Year’ hit their inbox on the first and brightest morning of 2017, as you squint through bloodshot eyes at partially-deflated balloons and a floor full of confetti.

Champagne of the Year was a tradition I started at Les Marchands in 2014 with a relatively unknown producer at the time named Bereche. In the Viticole incarnation, we are graciously gifted – via export guru Paul Wasserman – with a world premiere cuvee (100% Chardonnay) from the golden child of the Aube region: Gerbais. Remember. That. Name.

• Shipping is included on 1 case (12 bottles).
• Viticole Wine Club members will receive a 2-bottle allocation.
• Viticole Wine Club 2.0 members will receive a 4-bottle allocation.

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2011 Pierre Gerbais l Osmose Extra Brut

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December 1st. 2016

Legends of Provence: All Roads lead to Bandol

Good Morning Everyone,

I’m on the 6am train from Paris to Troyes, armed only with Evian and a tennis ball can of Sour Cream & Onion Pringles. New adventures await me in Champagne, but right now I’m compelled to reflect on last week.

In light of unrelenting world events, it is deeply humbling to have been given the opportunities that most of us possess: the ability to travel freely, visit beautiful places, to eat and drink well… I am blessed. And the opportunity to spend Thanksgiving weekend in Provence with importer Kermit Lynch and Domaine Tempier’s Lulu Peyraud is pretty much as high up on the wine bucket list as it gets. I'll explain later.

Let’s cut to the chase. Kermit and co. were kind enough to secure Viticole some modest quantity on 3 wines from two allocated wineries that, in Kermit’s own words, represent “the cornerstone” of the portfolio. Put another way, he bought a house next door to them…

2014 Tempier Bandol Rouge “Classique”
2011 Terrebrune Bandol Rouge
2015 Terrebrune Bandol Rosé

The Legends of Provence Holiday Pack is assembled as a mixed 3-pack (1 bottle each of the above selections). Wines will NOT be sold individually. Free shipping on a case (i.e. four 3-packs).

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Legends of Provence Holiday 3-Pack

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November 1st, 2016

Enter Beaujolais: The Sons of Anarchy Rise

Good Morning Everyone,

I’m currently holed up at Café Mokxa, a great little coffee shop here in Lyon. To say I’m recovering from my visit to Beaujolais a couple days ago would be an understatement. And yet it's back into the lion’s den again today to mix it up with Jean Foillard’s prized pupil, Anthony Thevenet. At the tender age of 28, Anthony is carrying the torch for the next generation from “natty wine” epicenter, Morgon. Your 3-pack will contain:

2 bottles of 2013 Anthony Thevenet Morgon (custom bottling)
1 bottle of 2014 Anthony Thevenet Morgon Vieilles Vignes (world premiere)

This month is another first. The ’13 is a special library release for Viticole that spent an extra year in barrel. You'll also be the first to crack his ’14 Vieilles Vignes – from pre-phylloxera vines (pre-phylloxera = really, really old vines…like 150+ years). Free shipping on a case (four 3-packs). Bottles are not sold separately. Shipments will arrive before Thanksgiving!

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Anthony Thevenet Morgon (Cru Beaujolais 3-Pack)

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October 1st, 2016

Chateau de Brézé: Harvest Loire!

Good evening everyone (morning to you),

When you're on the redeye to Paris to visit one of the finest white wine producers in France, even an economy, middle seat feels like first class. Today is BIG. It’s our inaugural website launch, and of all the wineries to kick it off, I can’t think of one more essential than Chateau de Brézé. Aside from being a co-conspirator in the Chenin Blanc 2.0 movement (three cases in point below), a visit to the winery last year would shape the beginnings of Viticole...

2012 Chateau de Brézé 'Clos de la Rue' Saumur Blanc
2013 Chateau de Brézé 'Clos David' Saumur Blanc
2014 Chateau de Brézé 'Clos du Midi' Saumur Blanc

In the spirit of today, this is the first time Viticole is extending you a mixed pack. The $105 covers all 3 bottles in total (1 of each of the cuvées listed above). Therefore, when you order quantity 1, that corresponds to the entire 3-pack. Individual bottles will not be sold separately. Shipping is included on 4 3-packs (12 bottles).

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Chateau de Breze (Vertical 3 pk)

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September 1st, 2016

The Art of Whitcraft

Good morning everyone,

The custom bottlings roll on... Drake Whitcraft made 44 cases of Sta. Rita Hills Pinot Noir exclusively for Viticole from some of the best vineyards in the county. Have I gone to the well on Santa Barbara County wines since the inception of Viticole? Yes. But Santa Barbara has been home for the last 5 years and now that I've recently moved up north I needed a fitting tribute. Who better than Drake Whitcraft?

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2015 Whitcraft Pinot Noir La Lie Fine Sta. Rita Hills

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August 1st, 2016

Walter Scott: Redefining Oregon

Hi everyone,

I'm writing you now from my AirBnB in the Willamette Valley. With the website en route for September, your patience is being rewarded today. Below is Viticole's first offer to the mailing list: a custom bottling (45 cases) exclusively made for us from one of the best Chardonnay producers in the country. This is the dream of our business--a dream that will be realized every 1st of the month...

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2015 Walter Scott Chardonnay Les Fleurs Eola-Amity Hills (pre-arrival October)

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