‘viti’: pertaining to grapevines 


‘cole’: to inhabit, to dwell in, to live


Top 5 Reasons to Join the Club


5. Custom

“So imagine a master sommelier creates a test kitchen with his favorite organic wineries from around the world and that is my baseline for launching the Viticole Wine Club. Each bottle is bespoke specifically for Wine Club members and custom-labeled, which is to say you’re not going to find these wines anywhere in the marketplace.”

-Brian McClintic, Owner/Founder

4. Quality

“I work with the most sought-after producers I can find, who exist to push the boundaries of what is possible, both in the vineyard and in the cellar. Together we build a blueprint before harvest. At key times throughout the vintage, I travel directly to each winery to taste and make blending decisions. The goal is to cultivate ongoing partnerships from year to year, refining these bottlings in the coming season.”

-Brian McClintic, Owner/Founder

3. Adventure

“You will be challenged to taste the rainbow in this wine club. If it’s delicious and authentic to me, it’s in play which means no grape left behind, no place off limits. In fact, we will need to go outside the box, to exotic regions and undervalued vineyards where farming organically can deliver $100 per/bottle quality in a $55 package.”

-Brian McClintic, Owner/Founder

2. Organic

“Fewer than 5% of vineyards worldwide are farmed organically. It’s hard enough to know where your food comes from. With wine, if you want to believe that old adage that a glass of wine a day is healthy, you either need to know someone walking the vineyards/overseeing production or you’re flying blind.”

-Brian McClintic, Owner/Founder

1. Eco

“Organic is just the beginning. Converting organic vineyards to regenerative agriculture and reducing the carbon footprint - including copper sprays and additives in production - are an important step toward sustainability. Beyond our collaborations, we have a holistic responsibility to continually reevaluate how we conduct business. Here are just some of the adjustments Viticole is making to becoming less of the problem:

Sourcing the most eco-friendly packaging materials, consolidating plane flights abroad, consolidating shipments, utilizing public transportation, shared warehouse space, raising awareness of environmental issues through blogs, podcasts, and our monthly charitable donations.”

-Brian McClintic, Owner/Founder

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“But as to landscapes and species, languages and cultures, if we are to lose any of these things to natural selection, let it never be to neglect...”