Viticole Stories

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Envinate Canary Islands: Trapped in Amber

“Once they paved the way in the Canaries, more and more projects appeared,” recalls ‘The New Vignerons’ author Luis Gutierrez, “and I must say there’s absolutely no doubt that Roberto Santana of Envinate started it all…” Read More

Next-Gen California: East of Eden

California may just be the easiest place on earth to make wine. It may also be the hardest. From top to bottom, coast to mountains, what other land is veritable Miracle-Gro for just about anything? Read More

Pax Syrah: The Hills Are Alive

No two words in the wine industry have incited move spirited debate than ‘Robert Parker’. A close second, and far from mutually exclusive, would be ‘100 points’. After all, the man in question created the system…Read More

envinate Ribeira sacra: back to the future

“There is no place like Galicia…” declares local legend and restaurant owner Berto Dominguez Garcia, while holding up a live spider crab. “It’s not like Portugal or other parts of Northern Spain.” Read More

Muthenthaler 2.0: The winter of our content

Last month we negotiated our tumultuous relationship with Domestic Chardonnay, and got lost in the alchemy of dissension. “To oak or not to oak?”…”Can America hang on the world’s stage?”…Read More

Walter Scott: Rewiring Chardonnay

I realize there are bigger fish to fry in the world. But there is a time and place for the small fight. There is a time and a place for professionals in a given field to preach a cause…Read More