A Letter from Brian

September 30, 2016

Dear Friends of Viticole,

It is with great excitement that I am writing you this morning on a plane to France. Today our website and wine club will go live to the world (if you are reading this now, you know only too well). Who we are on September 30th, 2016 will be addressed in the paragraphs below. What we become in the years to follow is the beautiful journey I hope to live out with you.

In its practical form, Viticole is a wine club born from the elusive idea that world-class wines can exist between $35-$55 per bottle. 99% of the wine I buy for myself falls within this price range. These producers tend to be extremely difficult to come by and even harder to make readily available. And yet my monthly mission will be exactly that: to hunt down and deliver to your doorstep special bottlings that transcend their market value.

Viticole is very much driven by the NOW. Wine is a living, breathing thing. Why shouldn’t a wine offer live and breathe as well? By noon PDT on the first of every month, I travel to vineyards all over the world, generating offers directly from the winery door in real-time.

Getting to know wine can be an overwhelming proposition. It certainly was and is for me. For this reason, Viticole exists as an active three-dimensional journey (man cannot live on tech sheets and tasting notes alone). My hope is that every great thing that wine intersects – the people, their stories, their culture, their food and their history – resonates with you and inspires you all to see these places for yourself. There is simply no greater gift in life than an experience.

Lastly, I want to talk about where the Viticole name comes from. French for wine-growing, Viticole is a reminder to us all that wine is first and foremost an agricultural product. The highest standards of farming are not in and of themselves a guarantee of wine quality, but they are very much a non-negotiable starting point for this business. With the utmost respect for our planet and what we put in our bodies:

- All Viticole wines will be farmed organically, without the use of herbicides and pesticides (dry-farmed whenever possible).
- All Viticole wines will be crafted with minimal intervention in the cellar.

Above all, Viticole wines will be delicious to my palate. Every single wine I offer is the very best of what I like to consume. I just can’t have it any other way.

I want to thank all of you for joining me on this quest, without whom I would not have the means to live out this dream. You can discover much more about Viticole in our FAQ section, but please feel free to reach out to me personally at any time.

Warmest Regards,

Brian McClintic
Owner and Founder

About Brian

Brian McClintic is a Master Sommelier and documentary film star of the feature length SOMM and the follow up SOMM: Into the Bottle. After 15 years in hospitality, spanning wine destinations such as the Little Nell in Aspen, Brian co-founded Les Marchands Wine Bar & Merchant in Santa Barbara, where he was named “The Wine Guy to Hire” by Departures magazine and among the “40 Under 40 Tastemakers” by Wine Enthusiast.

Bitten by the travel bug in recent years, McClintic launched Viticole in 2016--an online wine club and travel blog, focusing on personally curated domestic and import selections. By the 1st of every month, Brian travels to vineyards all over the world and offers out special bottlings directly from the winery door in real time.