What is Viticole?

Our About page addresses this question in some depth, but here is a quote from the letter that summarizes Viticole in its most practical form:

“Viticole is a wine club born from the elusive idea that world-class wines can exist between $35-$55. 99% of the wines I buy for myself fall within this price range. They are extremely difficult to find and even harder to make readily available. And yet my monthly mission will be exactly that: to hunt down and deliver to your doorstep special bottlings from my favorite producers (both import and domestic) that transcend their market value.”

Why are Viticole offers monthly?

I could not source wine at the highest level nor tell a story in real-time with a daily or even a weekly offer. That is why only 12 wineries a year are featured—the very best from my travels.

How do I purchase Viticole offers?

There are two ways to purchase:

-Become a mailing list member and respond to the email offers when they go out (by noon PDT on the first of every month)
-Become a wine club member and automatically receive a guaranteed allocation.

What are the advantages of the wine club vs manually purchasing?

When purchasing manually, you have more freedom to choose what you want, but our wine offers can easily be missed as they sell out VERY fast. The wine club guarantees a monthly allocation and rewards loyalty over time with steep shipping discounts (ultimately shipping is included).

How does the wine club work?

There are two wine club options:

Viticole Wine Club: a 2-3 bottle guaranteed monthly allocation at $105 per/mo.
Viticole Wine Club 2.0: a 4-6 bottle guaranteed monthly allocation at $210 per/mo.

What are the perks of the Viticole Wine Club?

- Upon sign up, 50% off shipping
- After 1 year (w/o interruption), 75% off shipping
- After 2 years (w/o interruption), shipping included

What are the perks of the Viticole Wine Club 2.0?

2.0 has all the same perks as the Viticole Wine Club with the addition of a larger guaranteed allocation and steeper shipping discounts per bottle.

Are the wine club allocations all the same wine or a mix of bottlings?

It depends. Currently most are the same wine, but I have and will create a mix in a wine club shipment if I feel each bottling merits inclusion.

What is the range of wine styles offered?

There is a mix of still white and red selections (both domestic and import) with a dash of sparkling. Typically, growers who farm organically make wines in a restrained fashion to showcase the nuances of their terroir. As all Viticole wines are organic and my palate happens to align with wines of elegance and subtlety, this is the unifying theme across all selections.

How do you handle summer shipping/shipping to warm regions?

No one is a bigger stickler with warm weather than me. Here is my philosophy/policies:

-In the beginning of each year we offer and ship out ‘summer wines’ while the weather is cool.
-In the summer months (June, July, August, September) we do not ship but instead offer out fall pre-arrival wines that will be delivered in one full case along-side the October shipment.
-In May and October we ship on temp-controlled trucks, with ice packs when appropriate.
-If there is a rogue heat wave in any month, we hold and do not ship.

Why is it important to follow the Viticole social media accounts?

Social media is a great forum for interaction. Currently, you can talk directly to the winemaker/importer of an offer, asking him or her questions while the monthly offer is live by following our business Instagram account: @viticolewine and tagging the winemaker’s Instagram handle in the comments section. Look for future implementations (like Facebook Live) as we grow.

Is there any charitable outreach with Viticole?

Every winemaker/importer chooses a charity near and dear to their heart that corresponds with each monthly offer. In turn, Viticole donates $5 a case to that charity.

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